lo fi logic

by Chris Nucci

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In creating the 'lo fi logic' ep, Chris Nucci set out to recapture what he regrettably sees as a dying phenomenon in music: creating something real in the studio. We have ushered in an era of perfection through the plethora of digital media we now use to capture live sound. As writer Paul Hawken explains in his book 'Blessed Unrest', the Luddites were a group of artisans. Today, being labeled as such could be considered an insult. For Chris Nucci, such a label is to be embraced. in his mission to preserve the craft he seeks a certain purity that comes along with the revocation of new technologies, for better or worse.
Every track that you hear played on 'lo fi logic' by Chris Nucci and upright bassist Matt D (along with some accompanying banjo by Brandon Weaver of 'Team Weav') was laid down start to finish on an 80's Tascam 388 reel to reel. No punches. This ep is recorded music as raw as it gets. Purity, for better or worse. This album admittedly has its blemishes but what was being sought after was not technical perfection but a feeling.
It was all captured by sound engineer Brandon Weaver at Your Sister's Studio in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Please listen and enjoy. Embrace the humanity of this social art.


released August 10, 2011

Chris Nucci - Vocals and Guitar
Matt D - Bass
Brandon Weaver - Banjo



all rights reserved


Chris Nucci Fort Collins, Colorado

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Track Name: bedroom of stars
I spent three years cursing your name
Your mother, your father, your sister, your god
the shitstorm that you came rolling in on
the same one that rolled you right back out of town
a boat overturned in your wake and left to drown
I spent three long years crying your name
but a bevy of tears caused the levy to break
and a flood of indifference eventually over came me
so I packed up all I could carry and I hit the road
a notebook, a pen this guitar and some ratty old clothes
gonna hop the next passing train to where I don't know
just a wandering man this old world and no place to go
but I don't need walls, walls, walls, all around me
I don't need a roof high over my head
when all of this could come crashing down,
give me a bedroom of stars instead
I'll hop the blind out to California put my time in just working the land
where the city lights don't shine so bright and I can clear my head give me a bedroom of stars instead
sing low sing high I sing now because I am free
no longer care if she's ever coming back to me
see this here guitar in my hand?
I wouldn't sell it if I were a homeless man
because this music fills my soul and sets me free
and that's all I need
I don't need walls, walls, walls all around me...
Track Name: gone so long
What if she comes back and says she don’t need me
What if she comes back just to tell me that she’s gone
I don’t think my heart could bare to see her leaving, my girl has never been gone for so long
It would be nothing for her to find another, men like myself are as common as the sun
But she’s the exception, my brown eyed temptress, my girl has never been gone for so long
Never seen my little darling run so far so fast, left her water boiling on the stove
I knew when she told me this was never meant to last that one day soon I’d be back on my own
But I never thought she’d leave me here this way
Guess it’s true what I’ve always been told, you can hold a bird in hand but you can’t make it stay
Shafts of light broken by waves on the water, my thoughts are scattered on the walls all around
My mind’s a Jackson Pollack but there’s symmetry in chaos.
My girl has never been gone for so long
Days drag on forever with no knock upon my door, find myself reliving every word that she said
The nights, the nights, the nights are so restless. I slept so soundly at the foot of your bed
Come on back to me and I will be your lazy dog, happy just to lay across your feet
I won’t ask no questions I won’t wonder where you been
Long as you are safe back home with me
Sometimes you can’t help it it’s just wrong, we live our lives ‘till all the love is gone
But if I luck to see another day, and hold your hand in mine well I won’t let you fly away
What is she comes back and says she don’t need me, what if she comes back just to tell me that she gone
I don’t think my heart could bear to see her leaving, my girl has never been gone for so long
Track Name: one day soon we rise
I woke up this morning paralyzed by potential
so many thoughts I couldn't reconcile
My life so over run by simple contradictions
my feet planted firmly but I feel so eager to fly
fly away back home
I'm not a wise man but I'm not a blind man
I refuse to close my eyes to things I shouldn't see
don't tell me to humble down, don't tell me be thankful now
for we all need to fight for what's ours in this land of opportunity
but this job I work, it don't pay me any money
I serve up my bills and I got nothing left to save
it's impossible for me to think about a future
outside the confines of this living grave
but I woke up this morning...
when you've got nothing you got nothing to lose
nothing to fear and they can't take that away from you
nothing but open road so trod on with shoes of gold
don't let 'em get in your head
just do what you got to do
so many lives we lead are hollow
shaped by forces out of our control
but freedom is the choice you make to follow
the fullest potential of your mind body and soul
try though we may fall
never lose yourself in the struggle
because one day soon we rise
like a lion conquer all
Track Name: animals
When we were animals
There was no asking, there was no question
We took what we saw
When we were animals
There were no expectations, no rules of engagement
No higher law
When we were animals
Beware the awkward silences they lie like sleeping children
Feigning simple innocence, exposing all your weaknesses
Then one day you wake up and civility returns like shadows creeping slowly cross a noon time lawn
And looks are cast with caring, but empty of the daring
That’s when you realize that the animals are gone
Track Name: now i got you
I was suffering from a weary heart and broken bones
Wondering how I ended up so far from home
Waking up in the middle of the night feeling empty as a man who had lost all his fight
Stumbling through this world with both eyes closed
No need for me to see what was coming next
Who wants to be face to face with this life when it’s full of hollow dreams and such emptiness
There was no scat in my singing, do da de doo
No kick in my rye, no smile for the weary just these tears in my eyes there was just nothing left
Then there was you, then there was you, then there was you oh lord then there was you
And you opened up your heart and your arms and you blessed me with smile
Cured all of my sickness and nursed me back to life with just your hand in mine
Then there was you, oh then there was you
And now my heart has got wings and my spirits got soul
So long as there’s you I shall never be hungry or cold I got all that I need
Oh now I got you, now I got you
And now I live for tomorrow and all that it brings
For each day with you is another song to sing I sing all day long
Now I got you, oh now I got you, now I got you, oh lord now I got you…now I got you